This is a mutually beneficial exchange program. By participating in the program, hosts will develop new international ties with skilled, committed advocates from around the world, and will influence their contributions towards advancing inclusive education globally. Fellows will be available to work a full-time schedule on a relevant host site project as part of their Leadership Institute. Hosts also have the opportunity to work with the Fellows in their respective countries to implement projects. Approximately six host representatives will be funded to provide technical assistance to the Fellows they hosted, in the Fellows home country, for a period of two weeks. 

Fellows and hosts will be matched according to the professional interests and anticipated projects that the Fellow identifies in the area of inclusive education. The intention is to provide each Fellow with the experience most aligned with his or her goals in this area (i.e., policy development, teacher preparation, school administration, etc.)

Each selected host will provide a 4-week Leadership Institute that will:

  • Support development of a training plan to help the Fellow meet their goals,
  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities that enable the Fellow to gain relevant experience, including mentorship and supervision, networking and community service opportunities, and
  • Provide a working environment, a local homestay, and local transportation.

AUCD and ICI will enhance these Leadership Institutes by providing:

  • Orientation for hosts,
  • Weekly web-based seminars with other Fellows and program staff to learn about inclusive education and disability rights in the U.S.,
  • Cohort and alumni networking opportunities among Fellows and hosts, and
  • Orientation and wrap-up sessions for Fellows in Washington D.C

AUCD and ICI will coordinate and fully fund the visa, air travel, and accident and health insurance for each Fellow, and also for each selected host who travels overseas for the outbound program. AUCD and ICI will also assist hosts by providing support for necessary disability-related accommodations, and technical assistance and problem solving for any issues or emergencies that may arise throughout the program.