The Fall 2017 cohort of ADA International Fellows. Fellows in this cohort come from Peru, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Amina Shaaban

Amina Shaaban | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Amina is an emerging leader in the provision of inclusive education in Tanzania. As a Program Manager at Save the Children, the world’s largest NGO, Amina supervises the organization’s education projects within the country, which cover an immense scope of age ranges and issues, including early childhood development, play labs, and primary and secondary education.

Cristina Higa

Cristina Higa | Lima, Peru

As a Project Coordinator for the Peruvian NGO Aynimundo, Cristina Higa possesses both a firm commitment and practical experience in addressing shortcomings regarding the provision of inclusive education in Peru. She contributes to a number of her projects administered by her organization, which promotes community-driven initiatives focused on education, economic empowerment and infrastructure.

Fiorella Guerrero Calle

Fiorella Guerrero Calle | Lima, Peru

Fiorella Guerrero Calle holds a strong belief that all human beings have dignity and deserve to receive it through education. This conviction, in conjunction with her observation that children with disabilities are the most vulnerable of the vulnerable, has led her into a career of service to young people with disabilities in Peru and inspired her to apply for the ADA International Fellowship Program.

Jackline Lidubwi

Jackline Lidubwi | Nairobi, Kenya

Jackline is a Senior Producer for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), the country’s national public television and radio network. She produces a weekly 30-minute television program called Abled Differently, which profiles Kenyans with different disabilities and examines disability rights-related issues that affect their lives.

Japhari Shehaghilo

Japhary Shehaghilo | Lushoto, Tanzania

Japhary is an Assistant Lecturer at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU) in Lushoto, rural northeast Tanzania, where he advises and guides students with disabilities. He plays a central role in coordinating academic evaluations of students with disabilities at SEKOMU and is tasked with preparing, administering and grading exams for the university’s Department of Special Needs.