Goodluck works at the nonprofit organization Childreach Tanzania, serving as a Program Officer for projects that involve advocacy for Deaf individuals and communities.

Goodluck shows a student where Tanzania is on the map
Goodluck shows a student where Tanzania is on the map

Along with other program management tasks, Goodluck monitors project progress and maintains documentation of program data and lessons learned. He also builds strong relationships with project partners and government officials and provides key technical support.

Prior to participating in the ADA International Fellowship Program, Goodluck took part in the Young African Leaders Initiative Fellowship (YALI) in Nairobi, a U.S. State Department program launched by President Obama to foster excellence among emerging professionals in Africa.

“Inclusive teacher education in Tanzania faces serious challenges,” observes Goodluck. When reflecting upon this issue, he notes that there is a strong need for well-resourced and continuous in-service teacher training at all levels.

Goodluck has often found college infrastructure, human resources, materials and equipment  to be grossly inadequate in relation to the needs of teachers and students. Curricula for future teachers do not reflect inclusive education principles, and there is a need to develop policies that support inclusive education training for teachers.

“All these factors have led to the production of mediocre teachers who cannot deliver in classes,” Goodluck notes. Changing these conditions is his motivation for taking part in the ADA International Fellowship Program.

Goodluck would like to utilize his Fellowship to support implementation of his project, Advancing Special Education Teachers’ Knowledge on Inclusive Education (ASET-KIE). He hopes to train more teachers in Tanzanian Sign Language and build teacher capacity to provide inclusive education by creating a virtual database of resources that schools across the country can access easily.

Goodluck conducted his Fellowship at the University of South Dakota Center for Disabilities.