In 2017, 20 ADA International Fellows will travel to the United States to study inclusive education at institutions spread across 15 states and the District of Columbia. The Fellows will learn about best practices modeled by university centers in the U.S. and the design and implementation of major education and disability policy laws. Each Fellow will enjoy unique experiences at their respective host sites, and all will take part in the Professional Fellows Congress, a gathering of Professional Fellows from 43 countries enrolled across 15 professional exchange programs.

ADA International Fellows will focus their studies and inclusive education project on a diverse range of issues, including:

  • Designing national universal support systems for inclusive education
  • Creating databases to identify and monitor students with intellectual disabilities
  • Facilitating advanced teacher trainings in primary schools
  • Creating professional education opportunities in national media for students with disabilities
  • Supporting implementation of National Strategies on Inclusive Education
  • Promoting civic engagement and community awareness of inclusive education and disability rights

Professional bios of the Spring 2017 ADA International Fellows are available. Bios of Fall 2017 Fellows will be published soon.